Loan for Individual Micro entrepreneur: How Does it Work?

Anyone who is starting a business or even working as a freelancer can opt for the MEI call when opening their company. It allows the legalization of the small business owner who has annual revenues up to R $ 81 thousand (from January to December), which means a monthly invoicing of up to R $ 6,750.

But outside the type of company, when it comes to opening your business, many people end up with doubts about the individual microentrepreneur loan as a way to have working capital. So today we are going to take your questions about CNPJ loan and personal loan to invest in your business.

How the Individual Micro entrepreneur Loan Works

The professional or entrepreneur who works as MEI does not have a pledge to prove his income. For this reason, when making a personal credit application you must present your bank statement for the last 90 days. This will be your proof of income document.

If the option is to make a personal loan, the individual will not be performing the loan on behalf of the CNPJ that has opened. It should be done with your CPF. Therefore, the checking account used to prove the rent must be in the name of the individual.

There are loan lines for those who have CNPJ, which are different from those offered, but which can be found in the market on sites such as the Serasa Entrepreneur. In these cases, will be considered the data of the company, as well as a score related to your CNPJ.

Loan rates for microentrepreneurs

The loan interest rates vary greatly depending on the type of loan chosen and the credit analysis done by the financial institution. Having a good payment history, "clean name", among other things, can make you guarantee better rates.

In addition, when making a loan application, whether in a bank or another type of financial institution, you need to check what the Total Cost Effective offered. This is because it represents the rate that corresponds to all expenses and charges incurred in the credit operation.

This allows us to offer lower rates than most banks for our customers. Our CET starts at 2.97% per month (42.8% per annum), depending on the customer's credit analysis and the installment operation to choose from.

Posted on May 11, 2018 at 02:10 PM

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