How the Loan Works for Self-Employed

Applying for a standalone loan can be easy. Those who do not have a signed work can also apply for a personal loan, provided that they present their bank statement as proof of income.

But how does this work? Let's explain!

Loan for self-employed

There are several types of credit available in the market. Many people are accustomed to hearing about the payroll loan, which discounts the installments directly from the user's payroll. This type of loan is not available to self-employed, precisely because of this form of payment.

Those looking for a standalone loan therefore need to resort to other forms of credit available in the market, such as online personal loans.

To make an application for personal credit like this is necessary to present, among other documents, the bank statement of the last 90 days. It works as a proof of income, thus allowing for credit analysis and possible loan release for standalone.

Can you make a loan without CPF consultation?

Every company that releases a credit checks their history, evaluates their profile, and their CPF is down. Even if she offers a loan for her profile, if the results of the analysis are negative, the rates will be high.

For example, we have a careful credit analysis, which allows us to offer loans with rates much lower than the average of our competitors. This gives the client with good financial history the advantage of making a personal loan by paying less.

How do I simulate loan over the internet?

There are several sites that allow credit simulation, including banking. It is necessary to evaluate, however, that the values ​​are estimates. The CET (Total Cost Effective) of a loan may vary according to the client's credit analysis and the installment option.

CET varies between 3.30% and 5.77% per month (48.44% to 97.88% per year). The loan simulation, as well as the hiring, is done entirely online and allows the client to estimate the values ​​of the plots.

Only after the actual loan request, with the confirmation of the data, can the client know exactly what CET is offered to him and the value of the parcels.

If you want to compare personal loan offerings from different financial institutions, it is important to note proposals that consider the same values, past information and number of installments.

Posted on May 11, 2018 at 02:11 PM

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