7 Signs That You Have Lost Control of Your Debts

1 - You hide what you buy

Ever seen buying something and hiding the action from your partner, family or friends? For this is a great warning sign. People usually do this when they fear the other person's judgment about the purchase, a fear that only comes when one knows that he bought something he did not need or could not at the moment.

2 - You are only paying the minimum portion of the credit card

Did you spend a lot more than you could and only get to pay the minimum portion of the card? For this is a serious indication that you have lost control of your debts . And in this case, we must act quickly, since the interest of this type of operation is very high.

3 - Considers your gross salary to make purchases

Do you know how much you get per month? We are not talking about salary, which is what is registered in your work portfolio, but what comes into your checking account every month. If you needed to answer that without an appointment, would you know the exact number?

Well, if you have no idea how much you get, you have a big problem, after all, when considering buying something, you end up taking into consideration your salary without the discounts. This is an error that can easily be corrected. For this, just pay more attention to the monthly allowance received.

4 - Avoid talking about it

When you are not happy with a situation, it is normal to avoid talking about it to avoid conflict. When the issue in question is your finances, you should call a warning sign.

Are you avoiding commenting on why you know you've spent more than you should?

5 - Cannot spend a day without buying something

When you shop without thinking, out of compulsion, you end up spending more than you need and more than you can. This type of behavior can easily lead a person to debt, and it is very important to try to regain control.

If it is a more serious case of compulsion, it is possible to seek the help of friends and experts.

6 - Mind about how much you paid for things

Are you embarrassed to say that you paid something expensive or that you bought something expensive that you did not need? For the alert siren must be well-connected, for clearly you already know that you have spent what you should not, but you do not want to admit it to yourself.

7 - Postponing debt resolution

If you have identified that you have debt, the best time to start solving this problem is now. The more you postpone it, the bigger the interest-bearing cake is.

Posted on May 11, 2018 at 01:40 PM

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