9 Tips for Making a Personal Online Loan Insurance

The more frequent use of technologies in our day to day has increased the need for speed in procedures, especially those related to services. Before, it was only possible to get a personal loan moneylender if the client spent hours of his day to go to a bank branch to apply for the loan, which often discouraged the practice. Now, the personal loan moneylender has streamlined this service and has become quite common among Brazilians, thanks to the agility and less bureaucracy to get the credit.

This practice began to be applied in the United States and has been gradually gaining our country. Every day, we can see new personal loan moneylender websites emerging, which reinforces that this trend has been taking shape among Brazilians. Some of these sites are linked to banks, in addition to the independents who apply for the loan to a partner bank.

However, because it is a financial transaction that is carried out over the internet, there are still many doubts about the suitability and safety of money and data applied in that environment. So we have separated 9 tips on how to make a loan online safely. Check out!

Apply for loan online safely:

Check out site safety

Before you apply for and take out a personal credit online, you need to verify that the website, even those belonging to banks, contains a security certificate.

This detail can be seen in the footer of the page, besides it is possible to know through Google's own alerts about the security of the page.

Check out the site domain

If the domain of the site is its own, the end of it will be: .com or .com.br, which shows that it is more reliable. If the termination is: webnode.com, the chances of being stolen are great.

Check the company details

Particularly in relation to independent online personal loan sites, it is important to research the history and data, such as the cadastral status of the company's CNPJ.

To do this, just take the CNPJ from it, which is usually inserted in the footer of the site and search your situation on the website of the IRS.

If he is not 100% in agreement, try to know the reason, which already shows some doubt about the company. Also check if the CNPJ is the same as the www domain, as many scammers use fantasy names to conduct fraudulent transactions.

Search for company reputation

Look for the name of the company on the site Reclame Here. In it, you can see testimonials from people who have had negative situations with the company, preventing you from falling into the same problem. Another way is to research whether the company does exist, by looking at social networks or blog articles, for example.

Do not pay upfront or unnecessary amounts

If the company requests an advance amount, for the credit to be assigned, this marks a blow. All payments must be made after contracting the loan released.

Confirm partnerships

For independent online businesses, which need to have a partner bank to carry out the loan, you need to check with these banks if they are even your representatives. This, in turn, may indicate false information and fraud in the system, preventing you from falling into a blow.

Get access to the contract

The loan agreement must be provided by the company and should be read by the contractor with sufficient attention. Check if all the conditions offered and if the values ​​of the parcels are right, so that no misapprehensions pass blank after signing the contract.

Analyze the plot value

If it is more than 30% of the contractor's income, this condition can be an act of bad faith of the company. Such percentage is not recommended, since a loan can not hurt the family income.

Ask for the CET - Total Effective Cost

This is the total calculation of the loan requested, summing the agreed amounts, interest and charges, and must be clearly presented to the contractor. In addition, the minimum CET of the year must also be informed before the loan is closed.

Benefits of Online Personal Loan


One of the main advantages of this online service is the agility of requesting credit and also the return on approval, without having to leave the house for any of the steps.

Thus, it is possible to research and evaluate the prices, conditions, and reputation of the company or the bank, among other information needed to decide on which business to close.


The request itself is not charged and it is only necessary to pay the interest rate of the loan that is actually closed by the applicant. Often, this rate, compared to traditional and face-to-face banks are cheaper, which increases the facility of this mode of credit, ranging from 3% to 6% on average.

In addition, it is possible to search online the CET - Total Effective Cost of each operator, and it is not necessary to go from bank to bank to find out what is the best interest offer. This saves you money by choosing the best rate.


Another facility is that all the information regarding the loan and its conditions are available before hiring it, in addition to being available a call center for possible doubts, which makes it even easier when making the decision on the best loan.

Loan for negatives

Many independent companies offer the modality of online personal loan for people who are negatives, which is an advantage compared to direct loans from banks, which generally do not approve credit due to this condition.

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Posted on September 24, 2018 at 03:06 PM

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