Slicethepie, can you actually make money?

I 'd a Slicethepie account for several years, before I actually began doing anything on it this year. I made the decision to give it a go and see what all the fuss was about, I listened to several tunes, composed some in-depth reviews and even got the opportunity to review some trend things which was a lot more interesting for me personally than listening to a few of the music. I reached payout within a few days and as I cashed out on the Monday, I got my cash the very next day, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise as I 'd learned of quite several difficulties in becoming paid. !

I loved getting paid to listen to a number of the tunes on Slicethepie, but a few of them were horrible and just plain offensive, some included some highly derogatory language towards girls and whilst I understand you're there to review music, some warning ought to be given, I'm no prude, but a few of the things I heard were completely ugly.

Slicethepie will pay your for each review as well as the sum you get paid will be decided by several stuff, the standard of your review, your base rate and that which you're reviewing. However they need an awful lot for a tiny sum of money. Each review has to be exceptionally comprehensive and include lots of technical words that relate to the music business, and for approximately $0.15 per review (this is about what I was getting) that's rather a lot to ask.

But it turned out to be an excellent website, you got paid and there was an endless flow of music to review, my energy never ran out (once it does you must wait until it replenished before Slicethepie will let you review again) and I made payout pretty quickly. But then the website went under some critical, ill thought out and seemingly entirely unwanted changes!

You're now restricted regarding how many tunes you'll be able to review in a day, the website has never-ending entry bugs as well as your reviews must now be even longer than they were before! You should share where you are to be able to be paid now, and I repeatedly attempted to upgrade it but it wouldn't let me. In addition, it said (and this is a issue I heard from many folks) that my grammar and language was wrong, it was not I assessed the entry three times, I contacted admin and didn't get a reply for 24 hours And in her reply she asked me for a screenshot when the event occurred well over a day ago! !

Slicethepie used to be an excellent website and also you can make some pretty adequate cash there, but with the recent changes I 'd definitely wait a few months to find out if all of the bugs get sorted out before troubling to join as if they keep going how that they are, the website will shut down pretty quickly.

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 11:44 PM

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